Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Minutes

The next meeting is on 15 November at 1900 at Hillsborough Pavilion.

There are three significant items already....
***** Plans to improve the entrance to the site
*****Discount seeds scheme - suggest you don't order any seeds until you have chance to look at the savings that can be made.  Hoping to send another email shortly when the catalogues are available.
*****Arrangements and plans for the next workday on the following Saturday 17 November.

Harris Road Allotment Society
Minutes of meeting on 18 October 2012

1 Present Asha Dube Chair; Ben Kentzer, Mick Caveney, Stewart Bailey-Smith, Peter Morton
Apologies Fran and Jen Mickelborough; Matt Williams; Ian Bowler;  Jo Beale 

2 Minutes of previous meeting agreed

3 Plans and grant bid for the entrance 
Stewart introduced the plans drawn up by Graham.
It was agreed 
  • to thank Graham 
  • to make a bid to the Northern Horticultural Society for a grant
  • to extend the reinforced grass grid surface to 10 metres or so inside the site to help with deliveries of wood chips etc
  • to ask Ceri if the council would drop the kerb, put a no parking restriction on the entrance and replace the current first gate with drop bollards.

Action point - Stewart, Vickie and Jen to make grant application.

4 Follow up from the workday 13 October
Workday focused on reducing overgrown hedges on communal paths particularly between plot 11 and 18/19 and plot 7,1A 1B and 23/4; and clearing 23/4 and 11.
It was agreed to 
  • burn the waste wood on 4/5 November
  • base the bonfire on plot 23
  • bonfire to be functional not social event - the land is too uneven and there are many tripping hazards to invite children and hold a social.
  • seek volunteers to build the bonfire 
  • and light it 
  • to ensure there was a water supply to ensure it doesn’t get out of hand.

Action point -Peter to write round seeking volunteers to assist.

Next workday arranged for Saturday 17 November from 10.00 to focus on 
  • the entrance area - clearing it on assumption we receive a grant
  • communal paths - if we get more wood chips using them to provide better access particularly between plots 10 and 11 which is quite slippy at present
  • hedges particularly 13 and 14
  • bin for wood chips
Other points arising from the workday 
Buddy scheme 
It was agreed to promote a buddy scheme to offer help/time to tenants who need assistance.  May be possible to link tenants with waiting list as coworkers so waiting list get experience and produce while assisting tenants with their plot. Agreed for item for next newsletter.

Allotment 15 
Tenant is seeking coworker to work on about half the plot.  Agreed to promote opportunity to waiting list.

5 Security
Noted that the metal fence is complete and secure.
Lee has reported being observed while hiding tools on his plot (6A) leading to the loss of a hoe.
It was agreed to promote vigilance and ask tenants to report incidents on the website via Jen.  Also to report to Ceri and the police if we get more incidents.

6 Matters arising from last meeting
Grant from Community Assembly must be spent by 31/3/13.  Agreed to purchase heavy duty gloves for members to use on the workdays.  Action Ben
Noticeboard  Ceri has ordered a noticeboard which the society can use to publicise and promote activities.

Social 6 December Agreed to keep it low key and meet informally in the Park hotel that evening

Treasurers report 
Income made up of two main elements totals £746.80 namely £594 grant from Community Assembly and £150 raised by members from membership fees and events.
Expenditure includes 
  • £190 for the skip
  • £30 for membership of the Allotment and Gardens council
  • £17.83 for public liability insurance until 31/12/12 with provision for another £70 approximately for insurance in 2013 subject to the insurer revising premiums.
  • £25.93 for Treasurers expenses
Agreed for secretary to buy materials including printer cartridge, paper, envelopes and stamps up to £50

To be written after details of seeds scheme come through to include 
  • Jen to write piece on the website; 
  • Peter on the the Allotment and Gardens Council including bulk seed buying, insurance and workday.  
  • Social on 6 December
  • Plans to improve the entrance
  • Promoting membership
Action points 
Peter and Jen to follow up.
Peter to ask Ceri to circulate to all tenants and waiting list.

Agreed to ask the school if they would ask the children to design a logo for us.
Note the school secret garden is a plot 22.  
Action point Stewart to follow up and ask the school if they would join the society.

7 AOB - Decided not to attend the Federation meeting next Monday

8 Next meeting
Thursday 15 November at 7.00 at Hillsborough Pavilion

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Minutes of September Meeting

Harris Road Allotment Society
Minutes of meeting held on 20 September 2012

1. Apologies - Asha Dube, Ceri Ashton, Ann Toy, Mick Caveney, Matt and Cheryl

2. In attendance Jen Mickelborough Plot 26 (Acting Chair) Vicky Cooper Plot 7, Ben
Kentzer Plot 5A (Treasurer), Stewart Bailey-Smith Plot 28, Ian Bowler, Matt Williams
Plot 9, John Guymer, Jim Boylan, Cathy Davis, Pat Haisman Waiting list, Anna
Cattini Plot 27, Peter Morton (Secretary) Plot 3 &10

3. Minutes of the last meeting Agreed

4. Matters arising from the July meeting as follows

5. Letter to promote membership from Asha has been sent to the waiting list.

6. First newsletter is now on the website. Agreed that Jen would re-format the
newsletter and Peter would distribute on paper to all tenants and waiting list. Peter
to email link to website to Jim Boylan

7. Security Reported there is a gap between the old and new fence on plot 25 which
unauthorised people are using to access the site. Teenagers are accessing the site
to ‘play’ on plot 11 and other plots - maybe coming from houses round the site
rather than the gap. Tenants particularly when working on their own feel intimidated
by them. Peter to refer to Ceri

8. Logo agreed to park this for now

9. Treasurers report Ben reported that there is £681.80 in the bank plus membership
fees collected on the night. Expenses are due to be paid to treasurer and secretary
when Asha is back. Noted that cheques will not be signed by the recipient of the
cheque. Membership is now 19. It was confirmed that membership is per person
not plot.

10. Insurance Following consideration of the report from Peter it was agreed to join
the Allotment and Gardens Council for £30; to insure through Russell Scanlon for
£17.22 from October 1 to 21 December 2012; and for £68.90 for 2013 calendar
year; hold a workday when we are insured and rent a skip for weekend or week
depending on cost. Action Peter

11. Grant Application Jen reported that the North of England Horticultural Society are
awarding grant of between £100 and £2000 for gardening projects of community
benefit. Agreed a subgroup would explore options to report back to the next
meeting - Jen, Vicky and Stewart volunteered; to seek Ceri’s support to improve
the entrance with vehicular access and prevent the area being used as a dog toilet.
Understood it can’t be turned in to a car park due to planning requirements.

12. Bins or enclosures for deliveries of wood chip and manure Agreed that a job
for the workday would be to create proper bays for deliveries; to agree with Ceri
their location. Noted a delivery of wood chip has been made recently and Pat has a ready supply of horse muck - Ben offered to arrange delivery. Stewart offered to
use weedkiller on this area.

13. Noticeboard Noted that Ceri has ordered a noticeboard.

14. Website Jen reported that the website is up and running. Entries will go onto the
site via Jen who is the Moderator. Address is
There is an email alert to members when new items appear on the site.

15. Newsletter Agreed to publish a second edition Jen to write piece on the website;
Peter on the the Allotment and Gardens Council including bulk seed buying,
insurance and workday. After the arrangements for the social are agreed at the
next meeting this will be the main item.

16. Sheffield Federation visit Agreed to defer until next spring. Peter to find if we are
eligible having joined the Allotment and Gardens Council rather than the National

17. Excess green bins from Veolia Ben reported that they were not available.

18. Christmas Social 6 December Action Matt and Ian to ask landlord of Park Hotel if
he can accommodate us and report back to next meeting.

19. Future of plot 11,30 and 31 Noted 11 is a large plot is vacant and Ceri is planning
to fell the two trees to create more space. Ceri is concerned as to the quality of the
soil on plot 30 and 31 (currently the path to the active plots) as it will be very
compacted and there may have been a surface laid at one time for an entrance
path. Ceri is about to trial some cheap raised beds, so these plots could be raised
bed plots if the soil is not suitable. The total waiting list is 14 including 1 with
particular requirements and 2 who don't want a plot just yet. Agreed to recommend
to Ceri that plot 11 is divided in to three small plots to enable more of the waiting list
to get a plot; on balance prefer not to have starter plots sponsored by the society; to
promote a buddying option to match waiting list with tenants that would welcome
assistance; to invite waiting list to the workday to introduce them to the society and
visit the site to promote buddying; to recommend that the two trees on plot 11 are
felled but no others. Jen and Anna want to keep tree adjacent to plots 26 and 27.

20. Workday Agreed to hold a workday on 13 October from 10.00 until 15.00 Action
invite Ceri and if she isn’t able to attend to agree work programme with her (Peter);
ask Ceri if we can borrow tools and a shredder; order a locked skip for a week if
possible (Peter); recommend to Ceri that the priorities should include hedges on
plots 23 and 24; build the compost and wood chip bins (see 12 above); clear vacant
plots for new tenants; put wood chip on communal paths; assist any current tenants
that need help clearing their plot.

21. Access problems - residents blocking the entrance to the site Noted that Cri is
following this up with the transport planners to apply for a dropped kerb and white
no parking lines.

22. AOB Noted that when we come across Ragwort it should be dug up and removed
from site as its poisonous to animals. There are courses in bee keeping and

chicken care at the council’s centre at Ecclesall Woods see SCC website for details.
Hedges should be indigenous species - leylandii is not indigenous!

23. Date of next meeting 18 October 7.00 Hillsborough Pavilion

Friday, September 21, 2012

Free Chippings & Ragwort Warning

The Allotment Society have arranged for chippings to be delivered free of charge for any plot holders to use - deliveries of chippings can be found just inside the gates on the left. A new pile appeared this week so feel free to help yourselves.

At our monthly meeting Vicky warned us that she's found Ragwort on her plot - Ragwort is classed as an 'injurous weed' by the Weeds Act 1959.  Though harmful horses and cattle it should be of limited risk to humans unless you suffer an allergic reaction (according to t'interweb).  If you do find you have ragwort on your plot Defra advise that you cover all your skin and wear gloves and also a mask to avoid inhaling any pollen when you remove it. If it comes into contact with your skin wash with warm soapy water.  Ragwort can still set seed after being cut down, the best disposal method for small quantities is to bag it and put it in your household waste to get collected.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Handy Planner

Here's a link to a nice Veg Planner that the RHS have made. There are so many different planners around but as this one is free to download and print so why not give it a try?!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Next Meeting - Thursday 20th September

Hello Everyone - Our next meting is at 7.00 pm on Thursday 20th September at the Hillsborough Pavilion. We hope to see you there. Included on the agenda are a work day for September 29th, a funding bid, site access and society membership.

Monday, July 16, 2012

July Meeting Reminder

The next meeting is this Thursday 19 July at 7.00 at Hillsborough Pavilion.
The most important item is to bring £5 to join the society!
Membership will run from August 1 for one year at £5.
During the course of the year the membership fee will be reviewed with the aim of reducing it but we need additional resources this first year to set us on our way.
We hope to see you there!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Harris Road Allotment Newsletter

Eager tenants and prospective tenants gathered in the sunshine (remember that ?) once more on Saturday 12th May for another workday with the aim of expediting plot clearance and rental. 

The day began with a talk from Lee Hinchcliffe, Council Training Officer, on the things we had to consider once we started running our own workdays.  We already knew that we had to have public liability insurance, but he also covered supervision, Risk Assessments, First Aid, the Council advice booklet for public events, recording attendance and the use of tools.  The session was informative and Joanne Buck will let us have an electronic copy of the guidance that the Council issues for such events to allow us to plan our own in the future.

We went on to clear rubbish from the site into a large skip at the entrance (which was soon full to the brim), create a woodpile for burning close to the main gate and to continue clearing sites and hedge trimming.  A Council Ranger was on site to help with chipping smaller cuts of wood which created a useful resource for paths and mulches.  We all had a productive day and once again left the site looking better than when we had come. 

We aim to hold another workday in the autumn once we have completed risk assessments and taken out insurance.  We’ll keep you inform you of the date in the future via the website and notices.
Asha Dube

Reflections of a new plot holder
Anna, Tom and myself began our allotment adventure in January with a lot of digging and rubble removal. Our plot yielded many treasures - particular highlights included a mangle, a flat iron, christmas lights, various parts of a bike, corrugated sheeting, beer bottles and cans by the sack load and several pairs of shoes!

We got two beds established fairly quickly and have slowly inched our way backwards across the plot. We have learnt what a pernicious weed bindweed is and how quickly weeds spring up after a bit of rain.

We are enjoying experimenting with our various seeds, new bushes and seedlings and might actually have some things to eat sometime soon!

One unexpected and very pleasant bonus is how many more people we now know to say hello to in our local area now thanks to the allotment. Another bonus is the very virtuous feeling that follows an afternoon of digging. Here's to the next six months!
Julia Hunter
Membership of Harris Road Allotment Society has been set at £5 per year. This is designed to cover both the insurance required for public liability (to enable us to run our own work days, and to allow members of the public to attend our events on site), and also to join the national federation.
Membership will be due each year on the 1st August, and should be paid to Ben Kentzer (treasurer). Cash is preferable, but once the back account is in place we will be able to accept cheques payable to 'Harris Road Allotment Society.
Membership fees will be reviewed each year.
Ben Kentzner
Bank Account:
A bank account has been applied for so that the society can keep all it's monies safe. The bank account will be with LloydsTSB. We are just waiting for confirmation of the account set up - the last pieces of paperwork are working their way through at the moment.
Note that any payments out of the society bank account need to be signed by 2 of the 3 signatories on the account - these 3 are Asha (Chair), Peter (Secretary) and Ben (Treasurer).
Ben Kentzner
With most of the plots now occupied and others almost so, Im pleased to say that security on the site has been very good. Apart from the occasional children playing there appears to have been no vandalism or theft of any kind. Ceri Ashton has got the gap in the fence under control so hopefully we can look forward to a safe and pleasant environment to work, rest and play
Mick Caveney
Sheffield Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Federation 

We went to the outdoor meeting of the Federation at the Rivelin Allotments on 25 June.  Rivelin, Harris Road, the National Federation, Hagg House, Hangingwater and Norwood allotments were represented.
As we wandered round the site we were able to pick up lots of nuggets of advice and information.
The first plot we visited was inspirational with veg, flowers, pond, summer house, potting shed and sculptures.  It was divided in to separate ‘rooms’ with seating to relax and contemplate the garden.
Rivelin  site is a quite a contrast with Harris Road.  Its much bigger, with over 100 plots. We benefit from much better security. Rivelin is very open and on a main highway so consequently suffers from thefts and vandalism.  There seem to be many more  uncultivated plots with a serious problem with knotweed and horsetail or mare’s tail.  They have running water - from the river!- but also several springs on the hill side which make the paths slippy.
We found that the members were only too willing to share advice.
Through the Federation we learnt that in addition to very cheap insurance we would be entitled to buy King Seeds at a discount.  They would supply us with brochures to make our selections; we send in one bulk order and get a 10% discount on list price and the society would receive 10% as well.
We would like to promote this for Harris Road and take orders for 2013 season through Kings.  Would you be interested?
Rob Hawkins the President, and chair of Hangingwater allotments mentioned that they had received a Community Assembly grant for tons of sharp sand and £200 for cow manure!  Something we might consider in the future!
Rob asked if we  would like to host a federation visit in August.  We tentatively said yes.  Its something we should discuss at the July meeting but we would recommend it.  It shouldn’t be seen as an inspection! Its a chance to stroll round the site and seek help on anything and everything to do with allotments.

Asha Dube 
Peter Morton
Gentle Reminder from Ceri Ashton Allotment Officer
I was at the site recently, and it was great to see that a lot of plots are really coming on but the paths are getting a bit out of hand.
Tenants are responsible for keeping the section of path adjoining their path free from weeds.  With the very wet weather the weeds are getting the upper hand and blocking the paths.  It would be helpful if everyone could attend to their section of path.
Thank you
Useful Weeds
As a new plotholder on Harris Road I, like many others have faced a mountain of new and various weeds to get to know and do battle with.  Brambles are one of the most formidable of enemies, but at least the fruits can go towards making an excellent Apple and Blackberry pie!
But the merits of some of the other weeds mightn’t be so obvious.  Cleavers (also known as Goose Grass or Sticky Willie) can be turned into a tea which is said to aid the lymphatic system.  Pick a few good handfuls of cleavers, steep in a pot or cafetiere of hot water for 10 to 20 minutes and then drink.  Though I have to say the taste is a bit marmitey – you’ll either love it or hate it!
Nettles can be rotted down in water and used as ‘nettle tea’ on your vegetables, but they’re equally nice added to a risotto or soup – once they’re boiled they lose their sting.  If you have a nettle patch (and who doesn’t!), chop them all down and use that to feed your plants, then use the nice young regrowth for adding to your meals, or again, you can use them to make a tea (use the same method as the cleavers) which is said to contain a natural antihistamine and used by many to fight off infections or colds.
Now if I could just find a use for that bindweed………
Vicky Cooper
Sheffield City Council Parks And Countryside Service Bolton Cup Allotment Competition
We are inviting entries for this year’s Bolton Cup Allotment Competition and the categories are:
►Best Kept Allotment 
►Best New Allotment - Sponsored by Ferndale ►Most Environmentally Friendly Allotment 
►Best Scarecrow
The winner of the best kept allotment citywide will receive the Bolton Cup and £50 in prize money. 
As well as the citywide winners there are additional awards for the best kept allotments and best new plots for each allotment site. The prizes include certificates and gift vouchers.
The deadline for entries is Friday 13th July 2012 Please contact the allotment office on 0114 2734528
Plots will be inspected as per Sheffield City Council's allotment policies and the advice in the Allotment Handbook, with particular emphasis on range and quality of crops, plot maintenance and overall aesthetic appeal. Judging will take place on the 16th, 17th and 18th of July 2012.
Entry Form For The Sheffield City Council Parks And Countryside Service Bolton Cup Allotment Competition 2012
Contact Telephone:
Please note to be eligible for entry you need to hold a current allotment tenancy with Sheffield City Council.
Allotment Plot Number:
Allotment Site:
Please enter me for the following categories (please tick) 
□ Best Kept Allotment
□ Best New Plot (for tenants of not more than one year) 
□ Most Environmentally Friendly Plot 
□ Best Scarecrow
I agree to allow access to my plot for the judges and I understand that judging will take place on the 16th, 17th and 18th of July 2012.
Please return this entry form, or email the Allotment Office with the above details, no later than 5pm on Friday 13th July 2012. Please clearly mark your envelope or email subject with ‘Bolton Cup Allotment Competition Entry’.
Our postal address is: Meersbrook Park, Brook Road, Sheffield S8 9FL Our email address is:

Monday, July 9, 2012

July Photos

 A few photos from last year's Bolton Cup Best New Plot winner!

June Minutes

Minutes of Harris Road Allotment Society Fifth meeting  21.06.12 at Hillsborough Pavilion
Matt Williams; Julia Hunter; Vicky Cooper; Stewart Bailey-Smith
Asha Dube Chair
Ann Toy, Ben Kentzer (Treasurer), Jen Mickelborough, Mick Caveney,, Peter Morton (Secretary)
 SCC Parks and Countryside  
Joanne Buck 
5.1 Minutes of last meeting 
Minutes of the last meeting were agreed.
5.2 Matters arising
Action points from previous meeting covered in the agenda.
5.3 Community Assembly budget
Sheffield City Council’s Central Community Assembly has agreed to award a grant of £594 to Harris Road Allotment Society to pay for Public liability insurance @ £100, skip hire x 2 @ £320 and start up costs.
The grant has to be spent by 31 March 2013.
Thank you to Matt Rush and Ceri for piloting this through the approval process.
5.4 Bank account
Ben reported that we are in the final stages of getting the bank account sorted out with Lloyd’s TSB to receive funds. 
5,5 Wood chip for paths 
Another thank you to Jen who has got the agreement of the tree surgeon on Harris Road  to dump his wood chips on the site and Ceri has agreed to letting him have a gate key, provided that the society take responsibility for liaising with him as necessary and dealing with any issues e.g. if he were to drop off anything other than wood chip. 
Action point Jen to contact Ceri to agree location of ‘chip dump’ with intention of creating a bay with pallets.
5.6 Work day
Agreed to aim for another workday in the autumn.
4.8 Newsletter 
One article received to date from Julia Hunter. on starting a new plot.
Agreed to seek articles by 1 July and publish shortly after.
Action point 
Peter to send personal reminders to 
  • Ben bank account; membership fee
  • Matt Rush Community Assembly bid and jumble sale report
  • Mick security improvements
  • Vicky edible weeds
  • Stuart reflections on a tree stump!
  • Asha feedback on the workday and the training session see above
Peter to assemble articles and publish.
5.9 Website
Jen reported that the website is now on line at 
Action point
Jen to meet with Asha, Ben and Peter to do  a demo.
Jen offered to be the moderator and a society email address will be created for contacts - email has been created
5.10 Security 
Action point 
Mick will check if the gap between the old fence and the new has been filled.

5.11 Links with After School Club and Society logo
Jill the manager of the After School Club has welcomed the opportunity for the children to design a logo for the society.
5.12 Publicity
Action point 
Jo to enquire about specification and supplier of a noticeboard we could erect inside the gate.
5.13 Membership
At the last meeting it was agreed to a membership fee of £5 for the first year.
At this meeting we agreed that membership would run from August 1st each year.  
Members were asked to bring £5 to the next meeting!
Action point
Asha to draft a letter from the Chair to invite membership from plot holders and waiting list.and ask Ceri to send for the society as we don’t have access to names/addresses.
The newsletter to be sent with the letter so everyone knows what are doing. Action Peter
5.14 Venue for meetings 
Agreed to continue to meet in Hillsborough pavilion.
The room will need to be booked in advance through Jo.
Agreed at the next meeting to resolve which day in the month we are to meet then to block book the pavilion. 
5.15 Support from Jo
Agreed to invite Jo as and when needed.
The advice on organising workdays is currently being checked by health and safety in the council.
Jo will send it when completed.
5.16 Federation meeting
Asha and Peter are going to an outdoor meeting of the Federation at 7.30 on Monday 25th June at the Rivelyn Allotments.
Report back to the next meeting.
5.17 Grants 
There is another grant fund for North of England for between £100 and £2000 with applications submitted by November.
Agreed to discuss options for bids at the next meeting.
Action point Jo to send details of grant giving bodies.
5.18 Next meeting 
Thursday 19 July at 7.00 pm at the Pavilion.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

June Meeting

The next meeting is this Thursday 21 June at 7.00 at Hillsborough Pavilion on the ground floor.

May Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Harris Road Allotment Society Fourth meeting  24.05.12 at Hillsborough Pavilion
Asha Dube Chair
Ben Kentzer (Treasurer), Jen Mickelborough, Mick Caveney, Julia Hunter, Vicky Cooper, Stewart Bailey-Smith, Peter Morton (Secretary)
Ann Toy, Matt Williams, Ceri Ashton, Joanne Buck 
4.1 Minutes of last meeting 
Minutes of the second meeting were agreed.
Note Ann Toy sent apologies for this meeting.
4.2 Matters arising
Action points from previous meeting covered in the agenda.
4.3 Bank Account
Ben reported that there had been  a delay in setting a bank account with Lloyd’s at Meadowhall - we are still waiting for the bank to send the paperwork.
4.4 Guest Speaker 
It was agreed to meet  Eric Latham at Hagg Lane Society one Saturday or Sunday morning to learn about 
  • setting up - membership fees; insurance
  • benefits of Federation membership
  • Seeking community grants and fundraising to improve the allotments  - where to look for grants
  • discounted materials fertilisers tools seeds and materials etc
  • benefits of a community allotment
  • plant sales 
  • tool bank 
  • Assisting the council with maintenance and security of the site
  • Procuring skips
Volunteers to contact Peter Morton to set up a meeting.
4.5 Community Assembly budget
A bid has been submitted for  public liability insurance, start up costs up to the previous limit of £250 and possibly a skip which could be ordered later in the year.
Decision should be made by the Community Assembly by the end of June.
4.6 Wood chip for paths - Jen has asked the tree surgeon on Harris Road  if he would dump his wood chips on the sit and he has agreed and he has some pallets to make a communal bay inside the second gate. 
Action point Jen to contact Ceri to consider giving him the forester a key.
4.7 Work day
Another work day was held on 12 May from 10.00 focusing on clearing the site via a skip; chipping suitable waste and a training session on running workdays ourselves. 
Key points from training session by Lee Hinchcliffe from the council
  • We must do a written risk assessment for any workdays that comprise 5 or more people
  • The council have templates to follow and advice 
  • We must have public liability insurance
  • We must have first aid cover - Vicky and Julia have accreditation from their day jobs
  • We must record attendance.
Agreed to aim for another workday in the autumn.
Peter to keep a log of accreditations and attendance sheets
4.8 Newsletter 
It was agreed to a membership fee of £5 for the first year.
Action point 
Shared out writing of short articles as follows
  • Ben bank account; membership fee
  • Matt Rush Community Assembly bid and jumble sale report
  • Julie reflections of a new plot holder
  • Mick security improvements
  • Vicky edible weeds
  • Stuart reflections on a tree stump!
  • Asha feedback on the workday and the raining session see above
  • Peter to check items from previous minutes
  • All to send articles to Peter to assemble
4.9 Jumble Sale 27 April
Thanks to Matt £57.80 was raised from the Jumble Sale.
4.10 Website
Jen showed the meeting the website she has designed using blog spot for a cost of £6 for two years.
Action poin
Peter to forward aims of the society to Jen to add to website then to switch it on.
Location is ....
4.11 Security 
Ceri has closed the gap in the fence where dogs are getting through from Marlciffe.
Children are getting through where the new and old fence meet.
4.12 Links with After School Club and Society logo
Action point 
Asha to ask Jill the manager of the After School Club to ask if the children could design a logo for the society for a prize.
4.13 Links with Marlcliffe School
Action point 
Stuart to ask the head teacher if we could meet in the school in future and possibly have some storage space.
4.14 AOB
 Cultivation advice
  • Fruit trees should be on dwarfing toot stock
  • Ponds are allowed Ceri Are there any rules we should add here?
  • Asbestos see pages 26/7 of the handbook - page 27 has health and safety advice to remove asbestos.
  • The school is holding a plant sale on Wednesday 30 May. 
3.15 Next meeting 
Thursday 21st June at 7.00 pm at the Pavilion unless other wise informed.