Sunday, April 6, 2014

Minutes March 2014

Minutes of Meeting of Harris Road Allotment Society 20th March 2014

Present:  Asha (Chair), Stewart, Vicky, Ben

Apologies:  Melvyn, Peter

Minutes of the last meeting:  Approved.

Matters arising:  Stewart to order the outstanding items for completion of jobs on the next workday (mainly soil, sand, grass seed etc.).  Sow seeds for a chamomile lawn area.
: Need to check with Ben about the status of the newsletter.

April workday:  Would be to complete the raised beds by filling, relocate the front drop post, lay the grasscrete structure, fill with sand and sow grass seed.

Future workdays – could spend more time tending to individuals needs.
  • July after bird nesting season, cut back privet hedges to a reasonable height as per tenants wishes.

RHS Grant:  See above.  Any extra money could be used for wildflower seeds.

Open day – May 17th.  Members who are able can sow extra seeds to generate plants to sell.  This may be able to occur in the front raised beds.
  • Vicky is not able to run the proposed children’s activities (“grass heads”) but this is easy and cheap and would be a good idea if someone else could run it.
  • Peter to contact the Council events team.

AGM is in May (17th).  Thought should be given to who will replace Asha as Chair and whether anyone else wants to be a Committee member [Asha to look into the point of Committee members].