Thursday, November 1, 2012

October Minutes

The next meeting is on 15 November at 1900 at Hillsborough Pavilion.

There are three significant items already....
***** Plans to improve the entrance to the site
*****Discount seeds scheme - suggest you don't order any seeds until you have chance to look at the savings that can be made.  Hoping to send another email shortly when the catalogues are available.
*****Arrangements and plans for the next workday on the following Saturday 17 November.

Harris Road Allotment Society
Minutes of meeting on 18 October 2012

1 Present Asha Dube Chair; Ben Kentzer, Mick Caveney, Stewart Bailey-Smith, Peter Morton
Apologies Fran and Jen Mickelborough; Matt Williams; Ian Bowler;  Jo Beale 

2 Minutes of previous meeting agreed

3 Plans and grant bid for the entrance 
Stewart introduced the plans drawn up by Graham.
It was agreed 
  • to thank Graham 
  • to make a bid to the Northern Horticultural Society for a grant
  • to extend the reinforced grass grid surface to 10 metres or so inside the site to help with deliveries of wood chips etc
  • to ask Ceri if the council would drop the kerb, put a no parking restriction on the entrance and replace the current first gate with drop bollards.

Action point - Stewart, Vickie and Jen to make grant application.

4 Follow up from the workday 13 October
Workday focused on reducing overgrown hedges on communal paths particularly between plot 11 and 18/19 and plot 7,1A 1B and 23/4; and clearing 23/4 and 11.
It was agreed to 
  • burn the waste wood on 4/5 November
  • base the bonfire on plot 23
  • bonfire to be functional not social event - the land is too uneven and there are many tripping hazards to invite children and hold a social.
  • seek volunteers to build the bonfire 
  • and light it 
  • to ensure there was a water supply to ensure it doesn’t get out of hand.

Action point -Peter to write round seeking volunteers to assist.

Next workday arranged for Saturday 17 November from 10.00 to focus on 
  • the entrance area - clearing it on assumption we receive a grant
  • communal paths - if we get more wood chips using them to provide better access particularly between plots 10 and 11 which is quite slippy at present
  • hedges particularly 13 and 14
  • bin for wood chips
Other points arising from the workday 
Buddy scheme 
It was agreed to promote a buddy scheme to offer help/time to tenants who need assistance.  May be possible to link tenants with waiting list as coworkers so waiting list get experience and produce while assisting tenants with their plot. Agreed for item for next newsletter.

Allotment 15 
Tenant is seeking coworker to work on about half the plot.  Agreed to promote opportunity to waiting list.

5 Security
Noted that the metal fence is complete and secure.
Lee has reported being observed while hiding tools on his plot (6A) leading to the loss of a hoe.
It was agreed to promote vigilance and ask tenants to report incidents on the website via Jen.  Also to report to Ceri and the police if we get more incidents.

6 Matters arising from last meeting
Grant from Community Assembly must be spent by 31/3/13.  Agreed to purchase heavy duty gloves for members to use on the workdays.  Action Ben
Noticeboard  Ceri has ordered a noticeboard which the society can use to publicise and promote activities.

Social 6 December Agreed to keep it low key and meet informally in the Park hotel that evening

Treasurers report 
Income made up of two main elements totals £746.80 namely £594 grant from Community Assembly and £150 raised by members from membership fees and events.
Expenditure includes 
  • £190 for the skip
  • £30 for membership of the Allotment and Gardens council
  • £17.83 for public liability insurance until 31/12/12 with provision for another £70 approximately for insurance in 2013 subject to the insurer revising premiums.
  • £25.93 for Treasurers expenses
Agreed for secretary to buy materials including printer cartridge, paper, envelopes and stamps up to £50

To be written after details of seeds scheme come through to include 
  • Jen to write piece on the website; 
  • Peter on the the Allotment and Gardens Council including bulk seed buying, insurance and workday.  
  • Social on 6 December
  • Plans to improve the entrance
  • Promoting membership
Action points 
Peter and Jen to follow up.
Peter to ask Ceri to circulate to all tenants and waiting list.

Agreed to ask the school if they would ask the children to design a logo for us.
Note the school secret garden is a plot 22.  
Action point Stewart to follow up and ask the school if they would join the society.

7 AOB - Decided not to attend the Federation meeting next Monday

8 Next meeting
Thursday 15 November at 7.00 at Hillsborough Pavilion