Friday, April 12, 2013

Public Notice of AGM & Minutes of April Meeting

Notice of Annual General Meeting Thursday 18 April at 7.00 at Hillsborough Pavilion
Below the agenda for our AGM, including the minutes for March 2013 Meeting (with blue margin) and the minutes of our formational meeting in February 2012
1 Attendance and apologies 
2 Minutes of the previous (first) AGM
As follows
Minutes of Harris Road Allotment Society 1st AGM, 23.02.12 at Hillsborough Pavilion
Mr and Mrs Caveney, Vicky Cooper, Ian Bowler, Ann Toy, Jocelyn Beal, Asha Dube, Ben Kentzer, Jennifer Mickelborough, Peter Morton, Ceri Ashton, Joanne Buck
None received
Minutes of last meeting
Minutes of the last meeting were agreed
Management Committee
Joanne summarised the purpose of a management committee (a group of volunteers who make decisions on behalf of a wider group). Information sheets were distributed and discussed.
The following were nominated and voted onto the committee:
                Asha Dube (chair)
                Peter Morton (secretary)
                Ben Kentzer (treasurer)
                Vicky Cooper
                Jen Mickelborough
                Ann Toy
Joanne Buck distributed information sheets and templates to the chair, secretary and treasurer and briefly talked through them 
The constitution was adopted.
Action – Joanne Buck to replace front page of constitution, due to error, and set up a file for chair, secretary and treasurer
Action – Joanne Buck to email the templates on to the relevant committee members
Joanne reiterated that public liability insurance is required for a lot of activities. Funding can sometimes be obtained from Community Assemblies or trust funds. 
Action – Ceri Ashton to make enquiries about cost of affiliating to the federation and approximate cost of using the National Federation’s insurance scheme 
It was agreed that a membership fee will be charged. The fee was not decided, this was deferred to the next meeting
Action - Ceri Ashton to ask all tenants to give consent to share contact details with allotment society
Work day
Ceri Ashton thanked all those who attended the recent work day. It was agreed that another work day will be carried out, provisionally on the 10th of March (subject to ranger availability)
General site matters
Ceri Ashton informed tenants that the security fencing at the bottom of the site would be extended to come right up to the boundary of the properties.
Ceri Ashton informed tenants of a plan to move the site gate further forward to encompass some of the space in front of the green gates, and remove the black barrier gate (which is in poor condition and the post has rusted through). A site visit would be necessary first to assess whether there are any security implications of moving the gate. Tenants requested that if the gate is moved, pipes be installed for the drop bolts at the same time. 
Ben Kentzer reported that a dog has been getting in to the site and getting distressed as it can’t get out again, through a gap in the boundary with the houses between plots 6a and 6b.
Action – Ceri Ashton to arrange installation of some chestnut fencing
Next meeting 
Monday 26th March, 6.30pm at the Pavillion.
Action – Ceri Ashton to enquire whether there would be a charge for using the school as a venue for future meetings
3 Matters Arising
4 Chairs Annual Report
5 Treasurers Annual Report and draft Budget for 2013/14
6 Election of officers 
§ Chair
§ Treasurer
§ Secretary 
§ At lest three committee members one of whom would lead on fund raising
7 Voting on a logo for the society - nine entries from Marlcliffe School have been shortlisted for members to vote
8 Bid to RHS Yorkshire in Bloom - progress report and should we be successful election of a subcommittee to project manage the work
9 Workdays
10 Minutes of the previous ordinary meeting 21 March 2013 as follows 
1 Present 
Asha Dube (Chair), Ben Kentzer, Melvyn Dalley, Barbara Rose (Marlcliffe School), Peter Morton
Jen Mick, Fran Mick, Pat Haismith, Adam McAuley, Samantha Groom, Ann Toy
2 Minutes of previous meeting in February
3 Logo ideas from school children 
Agreed to 
§ Shortlist nine entries to take to the AGM for members to vote and agree a preference. 
§ For the prizes to purchase up to £20 of seeds from Dobies at 50% discount costing the society £10 to spend up the Community Assembly grant in full. Action  Peter Morton
§ Publicise the AGM and logo competition on the website. Action Asha Dube to liaise with Jen
4 RHS Yorkshire in Bloom Bid
Peter Morton reported that the bid has been submitted for £9660 to include 
Summary headings
Summary £
School garden  fencing 20 metres
Poly tunnel class room
Fittings for polytunnel
raised bed
tools and equipment
Compost bins
Entrance improvements
Drop kerb
Raised beds x 8
raised beds
path and hard standing
The outcome should be known within four weeks.
It was agreed to 
§ Thank Peter Morton for making the bid.
§ Establish a sub committee to project manage the works should we be successful. Action Item for the AGM
§ Invite Barbara Rose to join the sub committee to represent the school.
§ Commit future workdays to undertake the work.  Action to arrange the next workday at the AGM when the outcome of the RHS bid will be known.
5 Workday 3 March
Noted the hedges adjacent to plot 11 a/b/c/d had been cut back.
Action Peter to arrange for the skip to be removed.
Mel offered to ask Amey if they would be willing to leave wood chips for the use of members.
6 Treasurers report 
Ben reported that there is £9.52 remaining from the Community Assembly Grant. See above the decision to buy the prizes for the logo.
There is £162.80 of the society money remaining.
Income for year to April 2013
Membership fees £105
Plant sales £57.80
Dobies £402.87
Community assembly grant £594
Dobies £402.87
Skip hire £361
Office supplies £66.81
Liability insurance £80.83
Membership fee £30
Site improvements £45.84
Draft budget and membership fee proposal to take to AGM 
Cf 162.80
Membership fees (assumes 75% renewal) £75
Estimated income £237.80
Office supplies £40
Liability insurance £100
Membership fee £30 
Estimated expenditure £170
Estimated balance to cf to 14/15 £67.80
Noted that 
§ Membership fees are due from July.
§ Lloyds which is our bank is having to move accounts which will mean the society’s account will transfer to TSB Scotland.
1 Message from Ceri  if members wish to claim a concession they need to provide Ceri with recent evidence of their entitlement ASAP (except those who have previously claimed a concession on the grounds of being in receipt of a state pension, who will automatically get their concession again).
2 The water supply will be switched on early April later than normal due to the cold weather.
3 All plots are now let and the council will be sending invoices in April.
4 Loxley Valley Farm is holding a plant sale on 21 April.
5 Wood chip bays - Ben will see if it is possible to recycle the wire fence from the boundary to contain the chips.
8 Next meeting is the AGM on 18 April
For information this is an extract from the constitution
Annual General Meeting
(a)       Harris Road Allotment Society shall hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) at not more than 15 month intervals.
(b)       Where possible members shall be notified personally, otherwise notice will be deemed served by advertising the meetings in at least five public places giving at least 14 days’ notice of the AGM. 
(c)       The business of the AGM shall include:
(1) Receiving a report from the Chairperson of the group’s activities over the year.
Receiving a report and presentation of the last financial year’s accounts from the Treasurer on the finances of the group.
Electing a new Management Committee and considering any other matter as may be appropriate at such a meeting.
(d)       The quorum for Annual General Meeting shall be at least eight (8) persons of which at least four (4) shall not be committee members.