Friday, September 21, 2012

Free Chippings & Ragwort Warning

The Allotment Society have arranged for chippings to be delivered free of charge for any plot holders to use - deliveries of chippings can be found just inside the gates on the left. A new pile appeared this week so feel free to help yourselves.

At our monthly meeting Vicky warned us that she's found Ragwort on her plot - Ragwort is classed as an 'injurous weed' by the Weeds Act 1959.  Though harmful horses and cattle it should be of limited risk to humans unless you suffer an allergic reaction (according to t'interweb).  If you do find you have ragwort on your plot Defra advise that you cover all your skin and wear gloves and also a mask to avoid inhaling any pollen when you remove it. If it comes into contact with your skin wash with warm soapy water.  Ragwort can still set seed after being cut down, the best disposal method for small quantities is to bag it and put it in your household waste to get collected.

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