Monday, July 9, 2012

June Minutes

Minutes of Harris Road Allotment Society Fifth meeting  21.06.12 at Hillsborough Pavilion
Matt Williams; Julia Hunter; Vicky Cooper; Stewart Bailey-Smith
Asha Dube Chair
Ann Toy, Ben Kentzer (Treasurer), Jen Mickelborough, Mick Caveney,, Peter Morton (Secretary)
 SCC Parks and Countryside  
Joanne Buck 
5.1 Minutes of last meeting 
Minutes of the last meeting were agreed.
5.2 Matters arising
Action points from previous meeting covered in the agenda.
5.3 Community Assembly budget
Sheffield City Council’s Central Community Assembly has agreed to award a grant of £594 to Harris Road Allotment Society to pay for Public liability insurance @ £100, skip hire x 2 @ £320 and start up costs.
The grant has to be spent by 31 March 2013.
Thank you to Matt Rush and Ceri for piloting this through the approval process.
5.4 Bank account
Ben reported that we are in the final stages of getting the bank account sorted out with Lloyd’s TSB to receive funds. 
5,5 Wood chip for paths 
Another thank you to Jen who has got the agreement of the tree surgeon on Harris Road  to dump his wood chips on the site and Ceri has agreed to letting him have a gate key, provided that the society take responsibility for liaising with him as necessary and dealing with any issues e.g. if he were to drop off anything other than wood chip. 
Action point Jen to contact Ceri to agree location of ‘chip dump’ with intention of creating a bay with pallets.
5.6 Work day
Agreed to aim for another workday in the autumn.
4.8 Newsletter 
One article received to date from Julia Hunter. on starting a new plot.
Agreed to seek articles by 1 July and publish shortly after.
Action point 
Peter to send personal reminders to 
  • Ben bank account; membership fee
  • Matt Rush Community Assembly bid and jumble sale report
  • Mick security improvements
  • Vicky edible weeds
  • Stuart reflections on a tree stump!
  • Asha feedback on the workday and the training session see above
Peter to assemble articles and publish.
5.9 Website
Jen reported that the website is now on line at 
Action point
Jen to meet with Asha, Ben and Peter to do  a demo.
Jen offered to be the moderator and a society email address will be created for contacts - email has been created
5.10 Security 
Action point 
Mick will check if the gap between the old fence and the new has been filled.

5.11 Links with After School Club and Society logo
Jill the manager of the After School Club has welcomed the opportunity for the children to design a logo for the society.
5.12 Publicity
Action point 
Jo to enquire about specification and supplier of a noticeboard we could erect inside the gate.
5.13 Membership
At the last meeting it was agreed to a membership fee of £5 for the first year.
At this meeting we agreed that membership would run from August 1st each year.  
Members were asked to bring £5 to the next meeting!
Action point
Asha to draft a letter from the Chair to invite membership from plot holders and waiting list.and ask Ceri to send for the society as we don’t have access to names/addresses.
The newsletter to be sent with the letter so everyone knows what are doing. Action Peter
5.14 Venue for meetings 
Agreed to continue to meet in Hillsborough pavilion.
The room will need to be booked in advance through Jo.
Agreed at the next meeting to resolve which day in the month we are to meet then to block book the pavilion. 
5.15 Support from Jo
Agreed to invite Jo as and when needed.
The advice on organising workdays is currently being checked by health and safety in the council.
Jo will send it when completed.
5.16 Federation meeting
Asha and Peter are going to an outdoor meeting of the Federation at 7.30 on Monday 25th June at the Rivelyn Allotments.
Report back to the next meeting.
5.17 Grants 
There is another grant fund for North of England for between £100 and £2000 with applications submitted by November.
Agreed to discuss options for bids at the next meeting.
Action point Jo to send details of grant giving bodies.
5.18 Next meeting 
Thursday 19 July at 7.00 pm at the Pavilion.

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