Thursday, February 6, 2014

Minutes of January 2014 Meeting

Asha (Chair); Ben (Treasurer); Vikki McA, Jen & Fran , Ann, Melvyn, Peter (Secretary)

Stewart, Vicky C

1 RHS Grant 
Ben reported that there is £3,188 grant remaining to be spent.
Peter is meeting Steve Whittaker at the weekend to get a quote for the patio at the entrance to the poly tunnel.
It was agreed to spend the remainder on 
  • the patio subject to the quotation
  • aggregates for the paths etc
  • trees 
  • grass seed 
  • soil
  • the entrance gate up to £500; Peter to seek council funding for the other half to make up to a total cost of £1000. 

Stewart to be asked to order aggregates, trees, grass seed and soil.
Peter to contact Ceri re the gate.
Fran to fix the gate subject to SCC funding; 

Grant should be committed by the end of January by holding stock on site and issuing orders.

Post Meeting Note The terms of the grant are ‘If all the grant provided is not allocated to the project, unspent grant must be returned to RHS within six months of the end date of the project as stated on your application form’.  The end date of the project is 31 January 2014.

2 February workday
Agreed to hold the workday on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 February.  Members to attend on either day to suit availability.
  • completing edging the path
  • building the raised beds
  • finishing the poly tunnel
  • depending on deliveries planting the fruit trees incl clearing the weeds

Peter to contact the school to see if any of the parents that helped in the past could come this time.

3 Orders for discount seeds received - Peter to send off the order ASAP.

4 Open day 
Arranged for Saturday May 17 from 10.00 until 2.00.  Aim is to promote the society and the community garden to local community.
Peter to inform SCC events team.
Flyers to be sent to parents with children at the school and residents.
Workday on 10 May will be used to tidy up the site and prepare for the open day.
Sell cake and soft refreshments
Sell plants - pots to be used to rgow plants for sale to be left near the wood chip bin.
Publicise to press and radio and maybe get a celebrity to open the event.
Vicky to be asked to run an activity for children as planned last time.

Firm up the details at the next meeting in February.

5 Newsletter
Ben has written first draft. Asha offered to contribute more copy.
To be delivered to local residents and may coincide with publicity for the open day.

Ann asked if the council is intending to outsource allotment management to Groundwork as has happened in Barnsley.  As far as we know Sheffield has no similar plans.
Vikki asked how to get hold of a post rammer; advised to contact Ceri as the Ranger Service has helped in the past.
THe council has written to all tenants inviting applications for concessions.  Applications must be made between Monday 20 January and Friday 21 March 2014.
AGM will be in April. Jen will publicise on the website.
Asha is retiring as Chair.  Members are asked to consider standing.  Asha offered to explain responsibilities if members could contact her.
Peter to book the upstairs room in the pavilion.

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