Thursday, February 28, 2013

February Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the Harris Road Allotment Society 21 February 2013

1 Present 
Asha Dube Chair, Ben Kentzer, Karen Bailey-Smith, Vicky Cooper, Jen Mick, John Guymer, Vikki McAuley, Peter Morton

Pat Haismith, Ceri Ashton, Ann Toy, Cathy Davis, 

2 Minutes of previous meeting in January 

3 Matters arising
Council grant  (must be spent by 31/3/13)
As the council is unable to fund a skip for the workday on the 3 March it was agreed to rent a second skip as per the original grant bid.
Action Jen offered to organise the skip from Arthurs for up to £170.
Asha and Jen to laminate notice for the first gate to warn car owners of delivery on Friday 1 March.
All to assist with access to the site by leaving cars at the entrance overnight 28 Feb/1 March

6 RHS Yorkshire in Bloom 
Agreed to make a bid for between £5,000 and £10,000 by the deadline of March 15.
So far we have 
§ registered with RHS Yorkshire in Bloom
§ consulted Ceri and got her support on behalf of the council
§ contacted Marlcliffe school to see how we could work together on the bid.  Peter is meeting with the teacher in charge of the school garden next Wednesday.

Agreed to include
§ resubmit bid for the entrance £2000
§ drop kerb £1000
§ extend the grass grid surface to plot 10/11 junction; build large compost and wood chip bays; base and erection of shed £ to be costed
§ establish a community orchard on left hand side after the wood chip bay £ to be costed
§ build raised beds for learners, the waiting list and community to run training and starter sessions on plot 30  £ to be costed
§ enhance the school garden £ to be costed
§ provide regular community events to promote best environmental practice  and food growing £ to be costed
§ To run training events and practical horticulture sessions for children and local residents £ to be costed

The Asha, Ben and Peter take responsibility to make the bid by the deadline.
Aiming for a bid of about £5.000.
Peter to meet the school and complete the bid form.
And to seek letters of support from 
§ Ceri for the council
§ Barbara Rose for the school
§ Children who use the school garden
§ Local residents
Seek input from
§Daniele Rinaudo of Abundance ref Yorkshire heritage trees
§Wortley Hall Farm

7 Society logo
The school is interested in running a competition for the children to design the logo for the society.
The school has asked the society to give the children a short brief.

We agreed a short brief for Peter to pass back to the school including 
§ health
§ food
§ community links
§ school and children 

8 Workday Sunday 3 March from 10.00
Tasks to include
§ Hedges adjacent to plots 13/14 and 11b/c/d
§ Woodchip bay
§ Erect noticeboard

The tree surgeon on Harris Road is unable to provide more wood chips.
Ben offered to contact local tree surgeons to see if they can provide material.
Peter to ask Steve from Vainor Road if he can supply chips.

10 Next meeting is on the 21 March at Hillsborough Pavilion

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