Thursday, May 24, 2012

April Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Harris Road Allotment Society Third meeting  26.04.12 at Hillsborough Pavilion
Asha Dube Chair
Matthew Rush, Ben Kentzer (Treasurer), Jen Mickelborough (Committee member), Fran Mickelborough, Mick Caveney,, Melvyn Dalley, Sue Dalley, Pat Haisman, Peter Morton (Secretary) 
From Sheffield City Council - Allotments Management
Ceri Ashton, Joanne Buck (note Jo won’t be able to attend the next meeting)
3.1 Minutes of last meeting 
Minutes of the second meeting were agreed.
3.2 Matters arising
Action points from previous meeting covered in the agenda.
3.3 Bank Account
On the recommendation of Ben it was resolved to open a bank account with Lloyd’s at Meadowhall with two from three signatures - Chair Treasurer and Secretary - required to authorise cheques.
3.4 Guest Speaker 
It was agreed to seek a speaker from either an established society - Hagg Lane (Peter to ask Eric Latham) - or a new society - Ceri to contact Manor to learn about 
  • setting up - membership fees; insurance
  • benefits of Federation membership
  • Seeking community grants and fundraising to improve the allotments  - where to look for grants
  • discounted materials fertilisers tools seeds and materials etc
  • benefits of a community allotment
  • plant sales 
  • tool bank 
  • Assisting the council with maintenance and security of the site
  • Procuring skips
3.5 Community Assembly budget
Matt reported that the Community Assembly has £30k budget for small grants for 2012/13 with bids to be made by 15 May.  Maximum allocation is £1k.
Action Points
Matt, Jen with Jo to make bid for  public liability insurance, start up costs up to the previous limit of £250 and possibly a skip which could be ordered later in the year.
Wood chip for paths - Jen offered to ask the tree surgeon on Harris Road  if he would dump his wood chips on the site; and Ceri to consider giving him a key.
The entrance to the site between the two barriers was agreed a priority for improvements. 
Ceri agreed to explore replacing the first broken gate with a locked removal bollard and signage or a white line to prevent parking blocking the entrance to the site.
The first newsletter will include a survey to check if and when access is a problem.
Site entrance will be an agenda item for the next meeting with members discussing ideas by email.
Other ideas 
It was agreed it was too soon for more ambitious bids for storage, tools and equipment.
3.6 Work day
Action Point - agreed that another work day will be held on 12 May from 10.00. 
Lee Hinchcliffe from the council will run a training course on health and safety for an hour from 10.00 which will accredit members to run workdays through the society in addition to council organised events.
Ceri, Jo and a ranger offered, to supervise workday.
Agreed we would work on
  • the entrance to the site to make it more presentable and less attractive to dogs.
  • vacant plots 18b, 23 and 24.
  • and seek a shredder 
  • and a skip
Action point  Asha to put laminated notice at entrance to advertise workday
Society workdays will require public liability insurance and the health and safety accreditation - see above.
Peter to keep a log of accreditations and attendance sheets
3.7 Newsletter 
Not progressed since last meeting.
Action Point Asha offered to coordinate.
3.8 Jumble Sale 27 April
Matt obtained a table and distributed fliers so it was free.  Tomato plants obtained from Loxley Community Farm on sale or return and members.
Gate sale - agreed to consider in the future but insurance would be required.
3.9 AOB
Website, blog, facebook etc
Action point Jen and Asha offered to explore options and agenda item for next meeting.
Action point Ceri to follow up gap in the fence where children are getting through the new and old fence meet.
Society logo
Matt suggested we ask the school if the children could design a logo for the society for a prize - agenda item for the next meeting.
Future venues for Society meetings 
Action Point Ceri to approach Marlcliffe school
3.10 Next meeting 
Thursday 24th May at 7.00 pm at the Pavilion.

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